The Delaware Bullying Prevention Association is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization incorporated in Delaware. Its mission is to reduce and to eliminate occurrences of bullying among Delaware’s children and adolescents in and out of the school setting through prevention and intervention methods and education programs. To fulfill this mission, DBPA works in cooperation with the Delaware Department of Justice, the Delaware Department of Education, the Delaware Chapter of the American Academy of Pediatrics, and the Christiana Care Health System.

Founded in 2005, DBPA is reaching out to all Delaware constituencies including legislative officials, medical doctors, school administrators, school counselors and health professionals, teachers, parents, kids, teens, and law enforcement personnel. DBPA is facilitating and guiding a collaborative effort to reduce and eliminate bullying among Delaware youths. One of DBPA’s primary goals is to provide the most effective and up-to-date information and training to these groups on bullying prevention, intervention, and education.

DBPA is a statewide community-based volunteer organization. Through balanced programs of research, education, advocacy, and service it is dedicated to:

  • reducing and eliminating bullying as a major social, emotional, and psychological health problem in Delaware schools.
  • creating safe learning environments in Delaware schools.
  • diminishing suffering from bullying.

DBPA has already been actively involved in advocating new anti-bullying legislation which would require bully prevention programs in all Delaware public schools. (i.e., H.B. 483 during the 2006 Session.) It also recently facilitated the filming of the movie “Strings Of Fear,” a bullying prevention movie that will be available in late 2006.

DBPA participates in numerous events including addressing the Pediatric Medical Community and Delaware School Health Professionals at the American Academy of Pediatrics – Delaware Chapter – 2006 School Health Conference and speaking at the 2006 3rd Annual International Bullying Prevention Conference in Atlanta, Georgia. DBPA’s current President has been active for over 8 years in presenting the Delaware Attorney General’s Bullyproofing Programs to over 70,000 students across the state.