STRINGS OF FEAR, a bully prevention movie, developed and distributed by the Delaware Department of Justice.

Scott and his henchmen seem to control the high school as they socially isolate their targets and steadily escalate their bullying until a twist occurs which results in a surprise, eye-opening ending.

Powerful, realistic, and thought provoking, this movie is written by a criminal prosecutor and emphasizes the important role of bystanders and the choices they make in the all too real drama of bullying.

“I recommend the movie Strings of Fear, created by Rhonda Denny, Deputy Attorney General of the state of Delaware. The performances, shooting, editing, and directing are of Hollywood quality. The plot avoids obvious ideas and platitudes and the incidents are clearly based on real ones. I hope the good teachers and administrators I know are not as rare as the movie suggests. The story is compelling and the focus on bystanders is superb, accurate, and important.” – Movie Review by Stan Davis – a nationally known author and speaker on bully prevention

For Information and to Order your DVD: Contact at the Delaware Department of Justice. The DVD is free for all schools and youth-oriented community organizations in DE. DVDs available to other states as well. Order yours now while supplies last!

Intended Audience: 6th Grade to Adult
Running Time: 74 minutes