“STRINGS OF FEAR,” a bullying prevention movie produced locally in Delaware, has been nominated for a prestigious 2007 TINNY Award in the international Swansea Film Festival being held this June in Swansea, Wales.  TINNY refers to the historic tin mines on which the regional economy developed.  Nomination for this award also qualifies STRINGS of FEAR for entry in the Everglades Film Festival in South Africa.

“STRINGS OF FEAR” was produced under the auspices of the Delaware Department of Justice as part of its continuing efforts to make Delaware a safe place for children. It presents a compelling story and emphasizes the important role of bystanders and the choices they make in the all too real drama of bullying.  The Governor recently signed into law the School Bullying Prevention Act that requires each school district to have a specific policy on bullying prevention that meets the criterion of the law.  This movie is available for all Delaware schools.  Over 30 States have requested “Strings of Fear” for use in their schools.

WRITTEN AND PRODUCED by Deputy Attorney General Rhonda Denny.

DIRECTED by Joseph Williams.

CAST included students from high schools across Delaware and was filmed on location at Cab Calloway School of the Arts in Wilmington, Delaware.
TO ORDER “STRINGS OF FEAR”:  Contact at the Delaware Department of Justice.  DVD is free for all schools and youth oriented community organizations in DE while supplies last.  DVDs available to other states as well.  Intended Audience:  6th Grade to Adult – Running Time:  74 Minutes


Anti Bullying Legislation has been passed in Delaware!

This is exciting news! We are grateful to all who put effort into accomplishing this goal. This Bill is a sign of hope for our schools ,our state, and our future. Let’s continue working together to make Delaware a better, safer place to grow.

The full Bill and its amendments are below:

The Bill
Senate Amendment 1
House Amendment 1
House Amendment 2